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Infographic energy worldwide

On Monday, April 22, 2024, the infographic “Energy Worldwide Facts & Figures” was presented by Jan Willem van Hoogstraten (CEO EBN) to Minister Jetten during the World Energy Congress.

Every year, EBN presents the infographic ‘Energy in Figures’, which maps out the important facts and figures about the Dutch energy system. In the context of the World Energy Congress, the largest energy event in the world, an international variant has been developed that provides an in-depth overview of the global energy landscape, including information about energy sources, sustainability and emissions worldwide. For example, the infographic includes details on the diversity of energy sources per continent and the trends in energy consumption and emissions worldwide. Furthermore, Europe’s dependence on external energy sources is made clear, as are the challenges and opportunities associated with the application, extraction and processing of critical metals.

With this international infographic, EBN wants to encourage the dialogue about the energy transition to also be conducted across national borders, based on the right facts and figures.

Download the infographic on the right via the orange button.

Download here the .zip file with the seperate visuals.