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Privacy statement

On this page you can read what EBN does with your data, how EBN protects it and how you can exercise your rights under privacy legislation.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be traced back to you as a person. For example, your name, your home address or email address are personal data. On the website of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority; AP) you can find more information about personal data and privacy legislation.

Why does EBN use your personal data?

If you would like to receive information from EBN, we need your address details to send you this information. EBN also stores the information provided by you when you request, for example, a brochure, the annual report or the infographic and processes this information when sending these materials. Under such circumstances, EBN uses your personal data on the basis of your consent.

EBN also registers your personal data when you visit our offices in Utrecht. You must always identify yourself with a valid proof of identity. When visiting our offices, your details will be registered by EBN. Your personal data will therefore be stored for a longer period of time.

How long does EBN retain your personal data?

EBN does not process your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose of the data processing. If you have registered to receive information from EBN and subsequently deregister, EBN will delete your data.

How does EBN secure your personal data?

EBN considers it very important that the personal data you provide are treated and secured with the greatest possible care. In order to optimally protect your personal data against loss, theft, unauthorised access or misuse, EBN takes the appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data, including the use of the latest security technology.

Does EBN provide personal data to other organisations?

The basic principle is that EBN does not share your data with others. Under no circumstances will your data be sold. However, there are also exceptions where EBN is obliged to give personal data to others. These are always special circumstances, such as during legal proceedings or for crime prevention.

What are your privacy rights?

Pursuant to privacy legislation, you have various rights to maintain control of the personal data that EBN collects from you and uses. For example, you also have the right to inspect the personal data that EBN holds about you. The purpose of this right of inspection is to enable you to verify whether the data is correct and, if necessary, to make any amendments. You can also check whether EBN has used the data lawfully. In addition to the right of inspection, you also have the right to object to the use of your data by EBN.

If you wish to exercise your privacy rights, please send an email to ebn.mail@ebn.nl. You can also send a letter to:

t.a.v. Legal Department
Daalsesingel 1
3511 SV Utrecht

In order for your request to be considered, you must include the following information in the email or letter:

  • your name and address;
  • the date;
  • description of your request, including the nature of your relationship with EBN.

Your request will always be dealt with. However, this does not mean that your request can automatically be granted. EBN aims to respond to your request within one month.

Incidents (data breaches)

Despite our precautions to protect personal data as much as possible, incidents involving personal data may still occur. These kinds of incidents are referred to as data breaches. If you believe there has been a data breach at EBN then always contact EBN via telephone number +31(0)30-233 90 00 or via email, ebn.mail@ebn.nl. Under such circumstances it is best to ask for the Legal Department.

The following data must be provided when a data breach is reported:

  • your name and contact details;
  • what the incident is;
  • the personal data involved;
  • which systems are involved in the incident; and
  • when and how you discovered the incident.


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This privacy statement may be changed by EBN at any time, without prior notice. Changes will take effect from the moment they are published on this website.