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Reliable energy knowledge and figures accelerate the energy transition. EBN makes this knowledge freely available through various open-access databases (e.g. geological databases) and specialist reports for professionals, as well as through helpful infographics that make energy figures and statistics accessible to everyone.

Publishing reliable energy knowledge and figures is intended to stimulate an informed dialogue between all parties involved in the energy transition. Actively developing and sharing our knowledge of the Dutch subsurface and assets (including commercialising these) is part of this.

EBN knowledge base: knowledge for the energy transition

Numerous publications can be downloaded from the EBN knowledge base relating to energy production, energy sources, geological knowledge, the technologies used and more. These are mainly intended for professionals in the energy sector. The EBN knowledge base also contains useful publications for policy officials who deal with energy issues and subsurface matters.

Geological databases for subsurface exploration

Thanks to our unique involvement in 200+ exploration and production licences, EBN has access to a vast amount of geological data. EBN shares its knowledge of the Dutch subsurface, facilities and economics with interested stakeholders. These databases are made freely accessible via a Spotfire-based web portal and can be accessed through the EBN Data Centre. If you have any questions about the geological databases, please contact EBN Exploration.

Annual Energy in Numbers infographic

Every January, EBN publishes the latest version of its Energy in Numbers infographic. The infographic shows the Dutch energy balance, emissions and other related data in an easy-to-understand way. The energy figures relate to the most recent year of data available from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). An overview of all published Energy in Numbers infographics is available in our knowledge base.

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