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From geological data to information

Together with its partners, EBN has a wealth of geological data and knowledge of the Dutch subsurface. This knowledge and data is a direct result of our unique involvement in over 200 joint exploration and/or production ventures.

EBN uses the available geological data to support investment decisions, advise the Dutch government and promote exploration and production (E&P) operations. Much of the geological data is kept in databases, but much is also enriched further after analysis and often converted into usable information by EBN. Individual reports and other publications can be found in the EBN knowledge base.

Missed pay study

EBN commissioned WellPerform to carry out a ‘missed pay’ study using machine learning. It was investigated whether migratory gas could be detected in the Rotliegend reservoir section of approximately 250 exploration wells (onshore and offshore) – migratory gas that may have been overlooked in the past or was sub-economic. In this study, wells classified as Dry or with the presence of Oil/Gas Shows in NLOG were selected and investigated.

The study roughly consisted of three parts:

·         a petrophysical study of a selection of around 30 wells (mix of proven dry and proven gas filled) in order to build a training set for the ML process

·         using ML to predict the possible presence of migratory gas (based on a fixed set of wireline data)

·         petrophysical evaluations of around 25 wells that scored high in stage 2 (i.e. wells where migratory gas may have been encountered) to validate the ML prediction.

The data package contains a final report and presentation of the project, as well as the input/output data collected from the various parts of the project. Access to this database must be requested.

DEFAB area subsurface data

This database contains all 3D data from the 2012 DEFAB 3D survey (7912km2, 3D seismic survey with TNO identification Z3FUG2012A). This 3D data is offered in combination with other relevant geological data, such as interpreted surfaces for key stratigraphic horizons, well data, velocity model and cultural data.

The data is provided as a zip file, which also includes a folder with selected papers relevant to the plays and petroleum system elements in the DEFAB area. This gives you faster access to and insight into structural and stratigraphic elements in the DEFAB area.

Only companies (E&P or geothermal) with a vested interest in the Dutch subsurface can request access to the DEFAB database.


In the Dutch part of the southern North Sea Basin, the Dutch Offshore has seen a great deal of E&P activity over the last 50 years. Despite the fact that production levels in the area have been decreasing to some extent, EBN and TNO believe that the area can still play a role in the energy supply in the coming years. Based on this conviction, EBN and TNO have brought the knowledge gained in the area together in the open access platform GEODE.

GEODE provides play-based exploration (PBE) data for this area via a web-based GIS environment. The geological data includes common risk segment (CRS) maps, post-drill well analysis (PDWA) data and more. Where possible, the parties have attempted to include historical data, information and lessons learned from joint industry projects (JIPs) and top consortium knowledge & innovation (TKI) projects where the confidentiality period has expired.

Pressure SNS database

This database contains open access data from various projects, including the TKI study ‘Integrated pressure information system for onshore and offshore Netherlands’ (TKIG01002). With pressure and fluid dynamics data from around 1,145 wells, this database can significantly improve the safe and responsible use of subsurface resources.

The database contains publicly available well data, including well logs, well completion reports, formation integrity test/leak-off test reports, wireline formation test logs and production test reports. The data can be accessed via the link above; the report on this database can be found on the NLOG website.

Geo-drilling events database

The Geo-drilling events database contains data on more than 1,100 drilling events in approximately 930 existing wells in the Netherlands. These are events in which a geological component contributed significantly to the incident occurring. The information in this geological database helps improve well safety and reduce non-productive time and well costs. Access to this database must be requested.

Hydrocarbon show database

The hydrocarbon show database provides a systematic overview of hydrocarbons encountered during drilling and testing in the Dutch subsurface. The database comprises data including integrated HC show information retrieved from mudlog data, well testing, and core analyses of over 2,200 wells. All data is compiled per stratigraphic interval.

The analysis uses a detailed classification system to describe all types of oil and gas shows and includes estimates for the confidence level of the interpretation. Detailed data is available on more than 700 wells, both onshore and offshore. Access to this database must be requested.

Petroleum system analysis database

The analysis is based on 1D models of the key wells in the basin and a grid-based 3D model calibrated to temperature and maturity data. The database comprises a full geochemical characterisation and maturity and expulsion maps of the main source rocks. Access to this database must be requested.

SCAN geothermal energy programme results

EBN and TNO have been working together on the ‘Seismic campaign for geothermal energy in the Netherlands’ research programme, which goes by its Dutch acronym SCAN. The results of the seismic survey carried out under the SCAN programme map out the potential of geothermal energy. Further analyses by experts are needed to determine the actual potential of a certain area as a geothermal heat source, based on the SCAN data. An overview of the results is available on the SCAN website.

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