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Afbeelding toont bollen in een vel gevuld met groen gas

EBN and green gas

Green gas plays an important role in making our energy system more sustainable: it is a sustainable alternative to natural gas and can be used for exactly the same applications.

Green gas is mainly produced by upgrading biogas to the same quality as natural gas. Biogas is produced from vegetable and fruit residues, garden waste and manure, among other things. Our involvement in the development of green gas is part of our strategic priority to further a sustainable gas system.

What role does green gas play in the Dutch energy transition?

Green gas can be used as a replacement for natural gas where the use of sustainable electricity, from solar and wind for example, is not an option. Think of old city centres and rural areas where heat networks or electrification are only feasible to a limited extent. This is where green gas contributes to the energy transition. Both the Dutch Climate Agreement and the coalition agreement set the target for the production of 2 billion cubic metres (bcm) of green gas in the Netherlands annually from 2030 onwards. This is almost ten times as much as was produced in this country in 2021, meaning that production needs to be scaled up substantially to meet this target.

Role of EBN in green gas

EBN has a share in many mining sites in the Netherlands and is exploring whether the production of green gas can be integrated at some of these sites. With the knowledge and experience we gain this way, we can assist operators of current and future green gas systems in the construction and the requisite upscaling of green gas production sites.

Gaining better insight into availability

To achieve the target annual production of 2 bcm of Dutch green gas from 2030, we need to know exactly which and how much biobased feedstocks are available in the Netherlands. Because EBN keeps track of this, more insight is gained into where in the Netherlands green gas can best be developed.

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