Knowledge of the Dutch gas and oil inventories

Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) is a company that invests in the exploration, extraction and storage of gas and oil on behalf of the State. In a safe, sustainable and economically responsible manner EBN realises societal and economic value from the Dutch subsurface. EBN serves a public interest: contributing to an independent, reliable energy supply in the Netherlands. We see that as an important social mission.

For the extraction of natural gas and oil EBN works closely together with oil and gas companies. With extensive knowledge of the deep subsurface and understanding of innovative exploration and extraction techniques EBN plays an important role in the successful extraction on land and at sea. EBN identifies opportunities, shares knowledge and promotes a favourable environment for exploration, development and extraction. Together with our partners we can further optimise the activities in which we participate and innovate.

The oil and gas companies take the initiative for all exploration and extraction activities in the Netherlands. EBN supports and invests with a substantial interest, as a rule, 40%. EBN pays the profits from these activities in full to the Dutch state, represented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EBN’s sole shareholder). Aside from interests in oil and gas projects EBN has interests in gas collection pipes at sea, underground gas storage on land and a 40% interest in GasTerra, the wholesale company in natural gas.

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