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At Energie Beheer Nederland, there are more than 160 professionals with specialist knowledge of the depth of the Dutch subsurface and breadth of the energy system, with experience in long-term public-private partnerships.

What is EBN’s role?

Our responsibility is to help fulfil climate ambitions in the Netherlands. The acceleration needed in developments can be secured through a strong public-private partnership. EBN can use its influence as a policy holding of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. And as a connector and driver of public-private collaboration throughout the supply and value chain, we bring stakeholders together and provide capital, infrastructure, knowledge and expertise in concrete projects.

EBN wants to play a major part in reducing emissions and achieving a climate-neutral energy system through what we do. At present, natural gas still makes up about 40% of our energy consumption. EBN supports the extraction of Dutch natural gas for as long as there is still demand for natural gas in the country. This will reduce the need for gas imports, which will benefit our carbon footprint, the trade balance and employment, as well as the security of supply (with a secure independent energy supply). At the same time, EBN is committed to accelerating the development of geothermal energy strengthening the Dutch geothermal sector and furthering the implementation of public district heating networks. EBN is also engaged in the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions and is exploring the possibilities for underground energy storage and other building blocks for sustainability, such as hydrogen and green gas.

How is EBN structured?

Energie Beheer Nederland operates exclusively in the Netherlands. Our approximately 160 employees all work from our office in Utrecht. EBN has a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board and is arranged into an energy system unit and three business units: gas transition, heat transition, and CCS systems.

The image shows EBN's organizational chart as explained in the text.

EBN’s organisational chart – click for a larger view.

Our corporate departments are: Human Resources, Facility, Legal, Communications & Public Affairs, Accounting & Reporting (including Internal Audit), Treasury, Business Control and Information Management, and Procurement. Specialist disciplines come together at EBN in Reservoir Engineering, Facility Engineering, Well Engineering and Geoscience.

What are EBN’s core values?

Besides technical expertise, EBN has a specific focus on the competencies needed when it comes to the societal side of the energy transition. Our employees are dedicated to the public cause; they build connections and are committed to adding economic and social value in whatever we do. Our people aren’t afraid to take the lead. Our core values create a culture that requires commitment and energises the transition.

Interested in a career at EBN?

Do you want to help accelerate the energy transition and forge a sustainable future? For information about our vacancies, see the section Working at EBN and hear what our employees have to say.

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