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EBN vision and mission: Energising the transition

In keeping with our vision and mission, EBN plays a core role in forming public-private partnerships in energy production in the Netherlands. Thanks to our central position and relationship with all players, we act as the connecting force in the energy transition.

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Our vision

Over the coming years, our energy system will undergo a complete transformation. This is essential if we are to achieve the climate goals. Work is underway throughout the Netherlands on creating a climate-neutral energy system that will supply sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy. It is also important to look at how we can fairly distribute the costs and benefits of the energy transition. The future energy system must be a fair system that works for everyone, now and in the future.

This all calls for major changes. Collaboration between the government, the business community and civil society organisations is crucial. Together we need to make the current value and supply chains more sustainable, develop new chains and ensure cohesion between these in order to shape the new system.

Only together can we use the full potential of land, sea and subsurface to develop the energy system of the future, an energy system that we can now only imagine what it will actually be like.

In our vision, strong public direction and control is needed to accelerate the energy transition: we need clear legal frameworks and a government that is willing to invest public funds where acceleration is needed. And this is what EBN does, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, in the value and supply chains for natural gas, heat and CCS.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop towards a sustainable energy system, together, faster. As a public company, Energie Beheer Nederland is committed to helping accelerate the implementation of Dutch energy and climate policy.

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