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System development in the public interest

The transition in the Netherlands is complex and broad in scope; that’s why a widely supported vision of the system of the future and the key steps required to achieve this. Numerous parties and government bodies are working towards this. EBN is playing its part through research, advice, innovation management and broad-based strategic partnerships – all in the public interest. With this approach, we can build a sustainable, integrated energy system in the Netherlands more quickly together.

The goal is clear: the carbon emissions of the Dutch energy system must be virtually zero well before 2050. A lot of work needs to be done to reach that goal, by public and private players alike, on land, at sea and underground.

This requires both a view of the bigger picture and insight. At the EBN Energy Systems development unit, we are committed to achieving a widely supported vision of our future energy system, together with a large number of partners. We investigate scenarios and contribute in various ways, such as energy storage, security of supply and using/repurposing existing assets. Based on our findings, we can ensure what we do is cohesive and makes an impact, as well as supporting ministries, provincial and municipal authorities, and other social partners.

Knowing what is happening in the various places means we can build a bridge between public and private parties so that they can share their knowledge and join forces, complementing and reinforcing each other. This creates more cohesion in the system and gives the transition extra momentum. As a public company, we do this with the social interest in mind. We keep our eyes open for the opportunities that will save time and costs. For example, we encourage the repurposing of wells, platforms and pipelines. We are also committed to getting valuable innovations off the ground faster.

We also promote collaboration between relevant parties and linking comparable projects. And all of this, naturally, increasingly in consultation and cooperation with the local community. Together we will reach our common goal more quickly: an integrated system that provides everyone in the Netherlands with sustainable energy.