The transition has really started

Helping to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands is one of the core tasks of EBN. That is why EBN focuses on innovative projects within a large number of partnerships. Increasingly these are focused on sustainable energy solutions, such as geothermal energy, hydrogen as an energy buffer, subsurface storage of CO2 and green gas.

A successful energy transition depends on cooperation and collaboration. EBN is taking a leading role in this by bringing private and public parties together. On this page you can see the projects that EBN is active in.

Decommissioning platforms

Nexstep was established for the reuse and decommissioning of old oil platforms on the North Sea. Nexstep is an initiative of EBN and NOGEPA. The organisation investigates the possibilities of decommissioning platforms, wells and pipe lines in a responsible manner or reusing them.

Geothermal energy

At this moment, EBN and TNO are establishing the potential of geothermal energy on locations where we still know little of the subsurface. This project is performed by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) under the name SCAN (Seismische Campagne Aardwarmte Nederland).

CO2 storage

EBN participates in two possible projects for CO2 storage in empty gas fields under the North Sea. Under the name Rotterdam CCUS project Porthos started last year the exploration of a project that can be realized in the Rotterdam port area. EBN is the initiator together with the Port of Rotterdam and Gasunie.

In cooperation with Tata Steel, Gasunie and the Port of Amsterdam, EBN is studying the possibilities for a project in the North Sea Canal area.

Information and communication

Communication is essential to involve the general public with energy issues. That is why EBN and partners have designed a number of websites to explain certain processes. For instance, in cooperation with Stichting Platform Geothermie and DAGO, a website about geothermal energy was designed. (Dutch)

EBN did the same for the extraction of gas. (Dutch)

At this moment EBN is making a similar website about CO2 storage.

EBN also annually issues an infographic about the energy system in the Netherlands. In this way, EBN wants to initiate an informed dialogue. The infographic provides information about energy sources in the different facets of our energy system. (Dutch)

EBN is also active within KVGN (Koninklijke Vereniging van Gasfabrikanten in Nederland) (