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Partnerships and projects

Partnerships are very important if we are to make a success of the energy transition. At EBN we assume the roles of both connector and driving force. For that reason we bring public and private parties together. In this way, EBN provides the link in the energy transition. Discover how we do that.

Examples of partnership projects

  • Foto van project Nexstep


    Nexstep was established for the reuse and decommissioning of old North Sea oil platforms. Nexstep is an EBN and NOGEPA initiative. The organisation explores the possibilities for responsible decommissioning or new use of platforms, wells and pipelines.

    Read more on the Nexstep website

  • Foto van project SCAN


    EBN and TNO are investigating the potential of geothermal energy in places where we know little of the subsurface. This project is being conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy under the name SCAN (Seismic Campaign for Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands).

    Read more on the SCAN website

  • Foto van project Porthos


    In partnership with Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (Port of Rotterdam) and Gasunie we are making concrete progress towards CO2 transport and storage in empty gas fields under the North Sea seabed. We are doing this jointly under the name Rotterdam CCS project Porthos.

    Read more on the Porthos website

  • Photo of project Aramis


    In partnership with TotalEnergies, Shell and Gasunie EBN is developing a project for  transport and storage of CO2 for the industry. We are doing this jointly under the name Aramis.

    Read more on the Aramis website

  • Foto van project Inspire


    In 2019 EBN started up the Inspire project, together with industry. The aim of Inspire is to reduce operational costs through intensive partnership with the various operators. In that way, those taking the initiative contribute to accommodating gas extraction from North Sea fields.

Information and communication

Communication is essential if the general public are to be involved in energy issues. This is why EBN has designed a number of websites with partners to clarify specific processes. These websites are available in Dutch only.