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Our gas infrastructure deserves a new lease of life

Over the next few decades, many oil and gas fields will reach the end of their economic viability. We are also phasing out our reliance on gas and oil. EBN is investing in solutions aimed at giving the existing gas infrastructure a new lease of life. Discover what these solutions entail.

Decommissioning and reuse

As EBN has a 40% stake in oil and gas projects on behalf of the government, we make a contribution to a clearly thought out strategy for the following phase of the life cycle of infrastructure. A strategy aimed at decommissioning, where necessary, and reuse, where possible.

For instance, we could reuse our gas infrastructure for transportation and production of hydrogen. Or to store CO2. If we capture industrial emissions of CO2 and reuse or store them in empty gas fields under the North Sea, we can rapidly reduce emissions greatly.

Partnership with other parties

With our thorough knowledge of the subsurface, we are helping to make decommissioning and reuse possible. We always do this with others, because other parties also have an interest in – and ideas about – solutions for platforms, wells and pipelines that we no longer need. Operators and service providers in the oil and gas industry, for instance. And the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

With our special position, we involve other parties in the process, encourage the sharing of knowledge and spur people on to action. Two good examples of this are:

  • Nexstep

    We founded this organisation with NOGEPA, the association that represents oil and gas companies. Nexstep explores the possibilities for responsible decommissioning or new use of platforms, wells and pipelines.

  • Rotterdam CSS project Porthos

    In partnership with the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam (Port of Rotterdam) and Gasunie we are making concrete progress towards CO2 transport and storage in empty gas fields under the sea bed with Porthos. A method that could help to reduce the CO2-content in those areas.

See more partnership projects.

Afbeelding van dubbele accent

“In the future, empty gas fields will represent a unique opportunity for EBN, for example for CO2 or energy storage. My interest also includes energy fluctuations and seasonal storage: how do you address energy shortages in the winter? And how does everyone heat their house in the mornings and evenings?”

Guido van Yperen

Asset Lead Groningen, E&P Assets