Management and governance

EBN is an independently operating state participant with the daily supervision of EBN’s activities is the responsibility of the management team. Supervision and participation are the responsibility of the Supervisory Board and the works council.

The shareholder appoints the management and the supervisory board members. Furthermore, the articles state that major decisions require approval from the shareholder.

Governance and behaviour

EBN highly values good corporate governance. For that reason, EBN voluntarily submits to the principles and ‘best practice’ provisions of the Netherlands Corporate Governance Code (to the extent that these are applicable for EBN). In this way, EBN follows the policy of the government in relation to state participations and the Code.

We subscribe to the principle that transparency towards stakeholders is of crucial importance. Also within our own organisation we strongly value transparency. We have a code of behaviour, a confidential adviser, a complaints committee and a whistle blower scheme.

The management

Jan Willem Hoogstraten, CEO


  • chairman of the management team
  • contact with Supervisory Board and shareholder
  • departments: Small Fields, Groningen, Decommissioning & Reuse
  • professional groups: HR, Legal, Business Development and Communication

Other functions:

  • member of the Supervisory Board of GasTerra B.V., Groningen
  • member of the Advisory Council of the Clingendael International Energy Programme
  • member of the Supervisory Council of the Energy Academy Europe

Bas Brouwer, Director Finance

  • professional groups: Accounting & Reporting, Treasury, ICT and Business Finance

Bas Brouwer has no other functions.

Berend Scheffers, Director Strategy & Technology

  • strategy
  • departments: Exploration, Geo Energy, Consultancy & Innovation

Other functions:

  • member of the board of stichting TKI Gas
  • member of the Supervisory Council of Stichting Delft Aardwarmte Project
  • member of the strategic advisory council of the New Energy Coalition
  • member of the Supervisory Council of Nexstep
  • member of the board of World Energy Council