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SCAN 2D reprocessing closeout report

As part of the SCAN project EBN’s GTO team was tasked in early 2018 with the reprocessing of 2D onshore vintage seismic data. The aim of the reprocessing project was to supplement the newly acquired SCAN 2D seismic data with state-of-the-art reprocessing of vintage 2D data. A total of 11 reprocessing projects were executed, comprising 451 vintage 2D seismic lines with a total line length of some 7.504 km. The projects were executed between October 2018 and August 2023.
This report provides details on the reprocessing projects executed by SCAN, gives an overview of the applied 2D seismic processing sequence, summaries key learning, discusses observations and identified issues made during the reprocessing and shows some selected examples of the reprocessing outcome.