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The Pressure SNS database is online


The database consists of amongst others, formation pressure, leak-off pressure and temperature data of 1145 wells and can be used for projects in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons as well as for geothermal energy and CCS projects. All data in the database is public and accessible for everyone interested.

The Pressure SNS database is constructed by TNO as the result of multiple projects among which the Integrated pressure information systems for on- and offshore Netherlands TKI project from 2015 (TKIG01002). EBN gathered the data to improve access and convenient use of the data via a web enabled Spotfire interface.

The database can be accessed here. More information on the background and the creation of the database can be found in the final report of the TKI-project.

EBN and TNO believe it is important that the data can be used by as many parties as possible. We therefore welcome feedback. Feedback can be directed to exploration@ebn.nl.