Data and information availability

EBN shares its knowledge of the Dutch subsurface, facilities and economics with interested stakeholders. Through its unique position as a participant in 200+ exploration and production licenses we have access to a vast amount of data.  This data we use for special analysis, as for example the Geo Drilling Events (GDE) database and the Hydrocarbon show database.

Geo Drilling Events database

The GDE database provides information on drilling events from existing wells. This information can help to:

  • Improve well safety and reducing non productive time & well costs
  • A better understanding of geological drilling hazards in the Netherlands
  • Learning from past geological incidents by analysing public data

Over a 1000 wells have been analysed, and more will be added. You can request for access to the database via the link or by sending an email to:


The Hydrocarbon show database (HC show) provides a systematic overview of Hydrocarbon shows encountered in the Dutch subsurface, over 700 wells have been analysed. The HC show database will become available in 2019.