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Non-Alloy Based Tubulars Literature Review

The aim of this literature review is to provide an overview of the use of ‘non-alloys’ – all materials that do not consist of metals or alloys – for the construction of geothermal wells. Selecting the correct material is critical to ensuring well integrity throughout the service life of the well. In addition, the right choice of material can ensure that during a project no unexpected costs arise in due to the integrity of the well needing to be restored.

In the past, carbon steel was widely used in the Netherlands for geothermal wells. It emerged, however, that this metal was susceptible to corrosion, resulting in integrity problems and high costs. Various studies have shown that alloys are a better alternative. In addition, there are certain non-alloys that are relatively unknown but have recently undergone great technical advances.

This report provides an overview of the existing knowledge about non-alloys based on the literature and on information made available by suppliers of these materials.