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Towards a sustainable future with gas

The Netherlands is a country that relies on natural gas. It was the obvious choice for generation after generation. But in the future, natural gas will be a thing of the past. Yet at this point in time, we cannot manage without it. Read why here.

There is no viable alternative

There are not, as yet, any new energy carriers that can fully take on the position occupied by natural gas. As yet, we are a long way from being able to produce sustainable forms of energy to meet our entire energy needs. But the yield from wind and solar energy is increasing, and experiments with other forms of energy offer hope. The issue at the moment is striking a balance between phasing out use of gas (and oil) on the one hand, and increasing use of new sources on the other.

Natural gas is still available

We still need natural gas, plus it is still available in small fields on our own territory under the North Sea. We advocate extracting and using that relatively clean gas. For as long as is necessary, and for as long as it is possible to do so safely and economically. And the clock is ticking. Shipping traffic is increasing and wind farms are expanding. That means that space for exploring new sources in the North Sea is limited. In addition, speed is of the essence if we are still to exploit promising fields with our current infrastructure.

Exploration, production and decommissioning

We use our historic position at the heart of the exploration and production sector. We know what to do, and are in close contact with the most important players. So we can combine our forces and share our know-how. In that respect, we focus on three actions:

  1. We encourage the exploration and development of offshore gas.
  2. We stimulate the sector to continue to use the current infrastructure for oil and gas as much as possible. On the one hand, to bridge the gap between the present situation and sustainable energy provision: for the extraction, transport and production of gas from new fields. On the other hand, to support research into new energy carriers, for instance via transport and storage of hydrogen and green gas, or via the storage of CO2.
  3. We are engaged in the process of devising new ways of decommissioning infrastructure that has become obsolete as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Read more about the exploration and production of natural gas.

Afbeelding van dubbele accent

“For me, ‘Energising the transition’ means making a contribution to security of supply during the transition, by means of off-shore exploration for gas. It is the least polluting fossil fuel available, and we really do still need it. After all, it would be foolish to throw out our old shoes before we have new ones.”

Annemiek Asschert

Deputy Programme Manager, Advice & Innovation