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Exploration and production

The Netherlands still possesses a considerable potential of oil and gas reserves and resources. Exploration and production in a cost-efficient and safe and sustainable way will continue to provide the necessary energy from hydrocarbons during the energy transition. Whenever sustainable alternatives are insufficient, Dutch gas is the preferred energy source. EBN will continue to encourage the oil and gas industry to innovate and develop new knowledge.

Exploring for new gas

EBN’s goal is to create value from geological resources in a safe, sustainable and economically responsible way, by using its unique position as participant in 200+ exploration and production licences and infrastructure. Through this unique position EBN has excellent access to data, knowledge and capital.

EBN encourages exploration activity in underexplored areas by carrying out and funding studies, and by facilitating the sharing of data and knowledge. Creating more value from assets often requires new, innovative ideas. Hence, EBN is participating in research on various topics, covering the full life cycle from exploration to abandonment. However, EBN also carries out independent studies, partly in-house and partly outsourced to contractors.

In addition, EBN aims at maximizing recovery from existing fields. These include producing fields for which the operators are facing increasing technical and economic challenges. Recent studies by EBN have contributed to optimizing the selection of the most valuable end of field life (EoFL) techniques. Stranded fields are a focus of attention for which development solutions are actively being pursued.

EBN uses the available data for special analysis, as for example the Geo-Drilling Events (GDE) Database and the Hydrocarbon (HC) Show Database. These databases are made freely available via a Spotfire-based webportal. Request acces to the databases.