Our gas infrastructure deserves a second life

The Netherlands has been producing oil and gas for half a century. In the coming decades, many oil and gas fields will reach the end of their economic life span. In addition, the Netherlands is making significant efforts to reduce its dependence on gas and oil implying that significant amounts of infrastructure will therefore either have to be dismantled or be made available for new applications.

EBN invests in solutions that give existing infrastructure an alternative usage e.g. the transport and production of hydrogen or the storage of CO2. If we capture the industrial CO2 emission and reuse it or store it in empty gas fields under the North Sea we will help reduce the contribution of CO2 to climate change.

Reuse and decommissioning

In 2016, together with the oil and gas industry, EBN wrote the Master Plan for Decommissioning and Re-use. This resulted in the establishment of Nexstep in 2017, the National Platform for Reuse & Decommissioning. Nexstep is an initiative of EBN and NOGEPA. It investigates the possibilities for decommissioning or reusing platforms, wells and pipelines in a responsible manner.

Read more about CO2 storage in empty gas fields under the North Sea (all in Dutch):
‘CO2 onder de zee: de beste en énige oplossing voor nu’, in: Focus 2018, EBN, p. 30-35.
Transport en opslag van CO2 in Nederland’, een studie van Gasunie en EBN, 2017
‘CO2-opslag onder Noordzee technisch haalbaar en kosteneffectief’, persbericht, 9-4-2018.

Read more about the possibilities for decommissioning existing oil and gas infrastructure in a responsible manner or for using it for new applications:
Masterplan for Decommissioning and re-use, 2017 (pdf)