With gas towards a sustainable future

Gas extraction is being reduced. After 2022, no more gas will be extracted from the Groningen gas field. However, after 2022 we will still need natural gas to heat homes that do not yet have a more sustainable alternative.

In the transition to a sustainable energy system, natural gas – which is the least polluting fossil fuel when direct methane losses into the atmosphere are kept low – will continue to play an important role. From an economic and geo-political point of view it would be most desirable to use Dutch gas reserves for this purpose. Moreover, in this way the negative impact on the environment will be minimised.

EBN has the legal task to exploit Dutch gas fields in an optimum, sustainable and safe way. We are involved with almost 200 partnerships with oil and gas companies both onshore and offshore. We invest in solutions to keep the gas extraction from the 450 small fields discovered in the Netherlands economic for the coming years. Cooperation with all parties in the sector and a smart arrangement of the gas infrastructure are essential for this.

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Read more about the exploration for and extraction of gas in the Netherlands on our website: www.hoewerktgaswinnen.nl (Dutch)