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EBN shares its knowledge of the Dutch subsurface, facilities and economics with interested stakeholders. Through its unique position as a participant in 200+ exploration and production licenses, we have access to a vast amount of data.

EBN uses the available data for special analysis, as for example the GEODE Platform, Geo-Drilling Events (GDE) database and the Hydrocarbon (HC) Show database. These databases are made freely available via a Spotfire-based webportal.

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DEFAB Area Subsurface Data (Release Date : June 2022)

The 2012 DEFAB 3D survey (7912 km2), which has remained proprietary since 2012, is now publicly available via NLOG (3D seismic survey name Z3FUG2012A) . EBN has chosen to also release this 3D dataset via this website, together with other relevant DEFAB area subsurface data e.g. interpreted surfaces for key stratigraphic horizons, well data, velocity model, leads and cultural data. The data is available as both a Petrel project (Version 2020) and as selected individual data files in standard data exchange formats, for those organisations that use alternative interpretation platforms.

The data provided is intended to allow interested third-parties quicker access and insights into structural and stratigraphic elements present in the DEFAB area. The project is not intended to represent a complete and final compilation of subsurface data in the area but represents a fit-for-purpose starting point for further detailed interpretation and analysis of petroleum system elements for commercial or academic purposes.

The data provided is delivered as a zip file which also contains a folder with selected papers relevant to the plays and petroleum system elements in the DEFAB environ.

If you are a company (E&P or geothermal) with an vested interest in the Dutch subsurface, you can request access to the database via this link or by sending an email to: exploration@ebn.nl.

GEODE Platform

The Dutch Offshore is part of the mature Southern North Sea Basin and has been a heart land for many E&P activities in the last fifty years, making a significant contribution to European economics. The basin however has been at an inflection point recent years with declining production levels and many producing fields and infrastructure getting in their late stage of life. Nevertheless, EBN and TNO believe there is still scope for the identification of yet undiscovered hydrocarbon accumulations, in particular in underexplored areas. As the world transitions towards a lower carbon future, other energy carriers cannot take over the role of natural gas yet and it is foreseen there still will be a need for indigenous gas in the near future.

Play Based Exploration is an evaluation process adopted by many E&P companies and aims to arrive at a better understanding of the fundamental spatial logic of the critical risk elements of the hydrocarbon plays. It provides a sound technical basis to quantify metrics of a prospect portfolio, and supports the identification and prioritization of Exploration projects. Much of the data released in GEODE can also be used to support an understanding of the subsurface for offshore carbon storage and other energy transition solutions.

It is the intention of EBN and TNO to use the GEODE platform to:

  • Consolidate and disseminate knowledge and understanding of the subsurface in the Dutch offshore. We aim to do this by making data and information easily visible and accessible.
  • Transform data and information into an understanding of risks and uncertainties of the main hydrocarbon plays in the Dutch Offshore, and their spatial distribution.
  • Support the identification of most prospective intervals and areas, and thereby identify critical areas and/or topics requiring further study and research and/or data acquisition

The GEODE platform is an open platform, it does not require any  user registration. Users are permitted to copy, to download and to disclose in any way for free, and to distribute or to simplify the information provided on this website without any prior written permission.Logo van GEODE

Access the GEODE Platform via this link.


Pressure SNS Database

A systematic visualization of the Pressure SNS Database constructed by TNO during a study of the pore-pressure and fluid dynamic systems in the Dutch Southern North Sea (SNS) basin. The database contains public data of several projects among which the “Integrated pressure information system for the onshore and offshore Netherlands” TKI study (TKIG01002). It consists of pressure and fluid dynamic data of ~1145 wells and can significantly improve the safe and responsible use of subsurface resources.

The database contains public well data, published on NLOG in, amongst others, well logs, well completion reports, formation integrity test/leak-off test reports, wireline formation test logs and production test reports. Further information on the TKI study and the database can be found in the Final report published on the NLOG website.

Access the Pressure SNS Database via this link.

Geo-Drilling Events Database

The Geo-Drilling Events (GDE) database is freely accessible for operators active in the Dutch subsurface. It contains drilling event information from existing wells and provides a better understanding of GDEs and hazards in the Dutch subsurface. GDEs are those events for which a significant geological component contributed to the cause of the incident.

The information in the database can help to:

  • Improve well safety and the reduction of non-productive time and well costs
  • Provide a better understanding of geological drilling hazards in the Dutch subsurface
  • Learn from past geological incidents by analyzing public data

Around 1100 GDEs in approximately 930 on- and offshore wells have been analyzed and QC’ed. More will be added over time.

If you are an operator (E&P or geothermal) active in the Netherlands, you can request access to the database via this link or by sending an email to: gde@ebn.nl.

Hydrocarbon Show Database

The Hydrocarbon (HC) Show Database provides a systematic overview of hydrocarbon shows encountered during the drilling and testing phase in the Dutch subsurface. It comprises integrated HC show information retrieved from mudlog data, well tests and core analysis. This information is compiled per stratigraphic interval in key wells drilled in the Dutch subsurface. The analysis uses a detailed classification scheme to describe all types of oil and gas shows and includes estimates for the confidence level of the interpretation.

The information in the database can be used to assist in exploration or in well planning, both for the E&P, as well as the geothermal industry. The database currently contains ~2200 wells of which approximately 700 on- and offshore wells have been analyzed in a detailed manner.

If you are an operator (E&P or geothermal) with an invested interest in the Dutch subsurface, you can request access to the database via this link or by sending an email to: hcshow@ebn.nl.

Petroleum System Analysis Database

To reduce exploration uncertainty a regional understanding of the petroleum system in the basin is important. To understand the regional variation in source rock maturity and hydrocarbon generation, EBN carried out a Petroleum System Analysis project of the entire Dutch offshore. The Petroleum System Analysis (PSA) project provides a high level overview of the distribution, quality and maturity of source rock intervals and their hydrocarbon generation capacity through time and space (IGI Ltd., 2019). The aim of the project is to better understand the regional variation in source rock maturity and hydrocarbon generation across the Dutch Offshore to reduce exploration uncertainty. This is achieved by creating an integrated geochemistry and basin modelling study utilising 1-D models of key wells and a grid based 3-D model calibrated to temperature and maturity data. The full report and database compiles all the results obtained by IGI Ltd., and includes a complete geochemical characterization and maturity and expulsion maps of the main source rocks. Note that the study had a regional approach and only public available data is used.

If you are an operator (E&P or geothermal) with an invested interest in the Dutch subsurface, you can request access to the database via this link or by sending an email to: exploration@ebn.nl.