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    Central in the energy mix

    There is a substantial amount of potentially producible natural gas in Northwest Europe. Natural gas is a continuous source of energy and income for the Netherlands and it is an essential element for a sustainable energy supply in Europe.
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    Essential for energy supply

    Almost half of the Dutch energy supply is produced by natural gas. By producing natural gas ourselves, the energy supply is guaranteed and a significant contribution is made to the Dutch treasury. 
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    Work together to maximise results

    EBN participates in more than 180 exploration and production licences in the Netherlands and on the Dutch part of the continental shelf. EBN works closely with the operators to maximise revenues for the Dutch State.
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    Partner of renewable

    Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and therefore the best option as transition fuel to a renewable energy mix. Doing business with integrity and continual dialogue with all our shareholders forms the basis for long-term, safe and responsible oil and gas production.
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    Continuous dialogue with all stakeholders

    Through transparency and a constant dialogue with our partners, shareholder and local parties, we stimulate a healthy investment climate for the Dutch oil and gas industry.

Topical news

​Working at EBN

EBN connects with her employees by offering them valuable and interesting work in the center of the Dutch E&P sector. Due to our unique position, in between the Dutch government and operators, the organisation has a lot of diversity and challenges.
Command of the Dutch language is a prerequisite for working at EBN. Please visit our Dutch website for an overview of our vacant posts.